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Red-White-Black - aka: "Frankenstein"

EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars
Red-White-Black - aka: "Frankenstein"
EVH Mini Guitars * THE most iconic guitar of our times!
* Instantly recognizable by VH's trademark red white and black stripes.
* Was originally the VH 1 black and white guitar made from parts from the seconds (reject pile) Boogie Bodies ash body and maple neck.
* Frankenstein embodies everything about Ed - a culmination and symbol of his inventiveness, experimentation and practicality.
* It is an extension of Ed's spirit!
* Adorned with truck reflectors, partial pick guard, dead neck pickup and 3 way switch screwed into the center pickup cavity.
* A 1971 quarter screwed to the top in order to block the tremolo.
* Red Schwinn bicycle paint.
* Frankenstein has had upwards of 9 or 10 different necks on it over the years.
* Many different pickups and tremolo bridges. Frankie was always a work in progress to conduct lab and field testing on over many years and used to record songs on just about every album.
* This guitar perfectly sums up Eddies attitude, playing style, inventiveness, originality and endless tinkering and tone chasing.
* An unprecedented 300 EVH Brand / Fender built replicas were made in 2007 of this guitar and sold out immediately
* Frankenstein inspired countless generations of guitar players to not only play guitar but to paint and build their own guitars. The most copied guitar of all time!
* 1/4 Scale Model includes miniature Guitar Stand and EVH Guitar Case styled box - $44.95 Retail

$39.95 each
EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars
EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars

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EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars

Eddie Van Halen
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This 1:4 scale model is intended for adult collectors and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
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